New Integrity, Repair & Maintenance Brochure

The IK Group work together to establish the optimum solution along with the necessary means of locating, tracking and data logging to ensure our clients can achieve maximum efficiency and

Online Electronics and Pipeline Innovations Limited launch Pathfinder Animation

Offered in partnership with Cramlington based Pipeline Innovations, the Pathfinder was specifically designed for initial pipeline proving in lines with no pigging history and/or potential reductions in bore due to

MEG ARTS® system provides valuable data during dewatering of Gas Export System in Angola

Online Electronics’ MEG ARTs® system has completed another successful deployment offshore Angola. Our customer was able to confirm the conditioning of a Gas Export system located 150km offshore with water

Online Electronics receive significant order for project in Western Australia

Online Electronics are delighted to announce that we have received a significant order to supply equipment for a multi pipeline LNG project located approximately 130km off the north-west coast of

New Signallers Brochure

Online Electronics and IK-UK offer a range of intrusive and non-intrusive pig signallers, which accurately detect, signal and log the passage of the pipeline pigs at critical points along the